It's a plugin for a Spigot Minecraft server to log the time players spend on the server and returns it to them.
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package models
import java.time.Duration
import java.time.LocalDateTime
import java.util.UUID
* The representation of a in game player for the online time
* @property uuid the unique identify of the player given by Mojang
* @property playerName the username of the player which is not that important due to the fact that a player can change it. It should be used only for debugging purposes
* @property playTime the actual playtime. The default value for initialization is zero
* @property joinTime the last time when the player join the server#
* @property lastSave should hold the time when it was last saved if it wasn't it should be null
data class Player(
val uuid: UUID,
val playerName: String,
var playTime: Duration = Duration.ZERO,
var joinTime: LocalDateTime =,
var lastSave: LocalDateTime? = null