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Is a cli tool to get some system stats in a machine parsable format (JSON). It supports only Linux but might also run on some UNIX based operation systems.

This tool is part of a competition with nhh -> Details

WIP: expect some changes for the stats gathering


  • Easy to use
  • Single executable
  • Runs on Linux


For the time there are no binaries provided this means you need to install it through go.


  • Go is installed.
  • You have the $GOPATH defined.
  • The $GOPATH/bin directory is in your $PATH.

Install and update it with go get -u


  gstat [OPTIONS]

Application Options:
  -c, --cpu     Include the total CPU consumption.
  -m, --mem     Include the RAM usage.
  -d, --disk    Include the Disk usage.
  -p, --proc    Include the top 10 running processes with the highest CPU consumption.
      --health= Make a healthcheck call against the URI.

Help Options:
  -h, --help    Show this help message

*not all flags a jet supported or fully implemented!

example output:

gstat -cmd