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A little RCON cli written in golang.

This is a fork from itzg/rcon-cli with following extra features:

  • Provied a smaller binary (ca. 50% smaller).
  • Replace base RCON lib from james4k/rcon with hamburghammer/rcon.
  • Remove config.yml support.
  • Change the Dockerfile to have build support.


From Source

Clone the repository and install it with go install (requires working go installation)


Clone the repository and use docker/podman to build a image with the executable docker build -t hamburghammer/rcon-cli . Start the image docker run hamburghammer/rcon-cli -h


rcon-cli is a CLI to interact with a RCON server.
It can be run in an interactive mode or to execute a single command.

	rcon-cli [FLAGS] [RCON command ...]
  -h, --help              Prints this help message and exits.
      --host string       RCON server's hostname. (default "localhost")
      --password string   RCON server's password.
      --port string       RCON server's port. (default "25575")

	All flags can be set through the flag name in capslock with the RCON_CLI_ prefix (see examples).
	Flags have allways priority over env vars!

	rcon-cli --host --port 25575
	rcon-cli --password admin123 stop
	RCON_CLI_PORT=25575 rcon-cli stop