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A basic Golang library for the RCON Protocol.

This is kind of a implementation of the rcon lib with a simplified API that should empower the user.


  • Max control over the underlying connection.
  • Works on a slow internet connection.
  • Stable, reliable and tested implementation.
  • Small API surface.
  • Simple and powerfully error type system.
  • Good documented.
  • Offering different levels of abstraction.


Small overview of the structure and most important files.


Inside the "main" package you will find the low-level implementation of the grcon Protocol. The starting point to get into it is the grcon.go File.


This is the location for helper functions. It is a collection to facilitate the interaction with Packets and RemoteConsole.


The spot to look into for a higher abstracted API to interact with a RemoteConsole. It simplifies the interaction and hides all complexity.

The currently only existing client is the SimpleClient but I can imagine to add game/server specific implementations in the future.


Make the best std lib that provides a low-level implementation but also offers packages/ways to abstract the handling with single packets.

I was unhappy with the API of the rcon lib and decided to build a new package to not break the old API. I could also have opted to make a version 2 of the old lib, but I feel like the focus has shifted and it wouldn't be that clear with a new major version.


This lib is licensed under the MIT License and contains parts of the implementation from james4k/rcon.


If you should encounter a bug or a missing feature don't hesitate to open an issue or even submit a pull-request.